West Virginia White Dove Releases

West Virginia White Dove Releases

West Virginia White Dove Releases - About Our White Doves

white doveswhite doves west virginiaOur doves possess the intelligence and strength to return home upon their release at your special event. The doves are exercised and trained daily to accomplish this amazing task. The doves we use for releases greatly differ from the domesticated ring neck doves that are frequently sold in the local pet shops.

The ring neck doves that can be purchased at the local pet shops have been domesticated over the years to the point they have very limited flying ability. They do not possess any homing ability. When they are released at an event they are sure to become victim to either starvation or to a predator such as a hawk or cat.

Our doves on the other hand are extremely intelligent birds and are equivalent to superior athletes

Our doves love to fly. Even when they are permitted to exercise daily when they are not doing releases, they often take long flights away from home simply because they love flying. When the birds are released at your special event they are not being forced to do something they don't enjoy. They love flying and we love sharing their beauty with you and your guests.

Each of our birds is banded with seamless numbered bands that can be easily traced on the internet if one of our birds should become lost or injured on the way home. Each of the bands displays our name, address and telephone number. In addition to the seamless numbered bands, the birds wear a micro chip band which allows me to inventory them upon their arrival home by the use of a computerized clock. We have spent thousands of dollars to assure the safety of our birds while they are performing at the releases.

There is no doubt why our doves race home after their release at your event

They live in a 12x16 loft that is entirely devoted to their needs. They each have their own perch and breeding box. Their loft is cleaned thoroughly at least once a day and often twice a day. They are fed nothing but the best quality grain. They are given fresh bath water at least twice a week.

We take great pride in our birds and their home

We extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to visit our doves to see just how well they are maintained. There is no need to call and make an appointment other than to just make sure we are home at the time. Our lofts remain immaculate at all times, not just when someone is about to visit.

Owners: Gary & Pamela Cooper
183 Oakridge Lane Bridgeport, WV 26330
Telephone: (304) 669-0014